Best Restaurants in Athens


$$ Άγγελου, Geronta 9, 105 58, Athens
Greek International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Welcome to Pantheon Restaurant, an embodiment of culinary elegance nested in the very soul of Athens, Greece, where every dish is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine, and every view is a homage to the city’s divine antiquity. Situated in the shadows of the illustrious Acropolis, Pantheon Restaurant invites you to dine under the benevolent gaze of the gods, offering a dining experience that transcends mere gastronomy, navigating through the corridors of Greek history and culture. The restaurant crafts a timeless and contemporary atmosphere, marrying traditional aesthetics with modern elegance, making it a sanctuary for locals and travellers. Our chefs, guardians of culinary artistry, ardently preserve the essence of Greek cuisine while simultaneously embarking on innovative culinary adventures. Utilizing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Pantheon ensures every plate not only honours Greek tradition but also elevates it, presenting a menu that is a harmonious blend of the classic and the contemporary. From moussaka to modern creations inspired by the myriad of islands, every dish is a journey through the flavours of Greece. The wine list at Pantheon is a curated symphony of local vineyards, offering patrons a carefully selected range of Greek wines and an array of international selections. Whether sipping on a robust red under the starlit Athenian sky or enjoying a crisp white while soaking in the views of the venerable Parthenon, Pantheon ensures a sublime, vinous journey through the Hellenic landscape.

A Little Taste Of Home Restaurant

$$ Astiggos 8, 105 55, Athens
Greek Family Style
Beautiful corners are in every part of our planet, filled with surprises and mind-blowing flavours. Food is one of the best indulgences in life, a discovery, a delight to the palate, and a learning experience. Every country has wonderful foodstuff which is unique, either because of the way it is made or because of where it grows. We choose some of these for you to taste, favourites from around the globe. Our food at A Little Taste of Home is comforting, modest and honest. It is also memorable because we constantly try to be innovative and produce enchanting foodstuff that is made especially for each one of our customers.

Thes ''Greek Creative Cuisine''

$$ Taki 16, 105 54, Athens
Greek Premium Casual
Venture into a world where ancient Greek culinary traditions marry contemporary culinary art at Thes "Greek Creative Cuisine" in Athens. Nestled amidst the city's rich cultural tapestry, Thes invites locals and travellers alike to dive into a dining experience that seamlessly intertwines Greece’s storied culinary past with the innovative spirit of modern gastronomy. The essence of Thes lies in its unyielding devotion to celebrating and elevating Greek cuisine through inventive techniques, fresh local ingredients, and a palette that isn’t afraid to explore uncharted culinary territories. Our chefs, dedicated artisans of their craft, draw inspiration from the verdant landscapes, azure seas, and rich history of Greece, sculpting dishes that tell a tale of heritage reimagined through a contemporary lens. As you step into Thes, you're welcomed by an ambience that balances rustic Greek charm with modern elegance. The interior, a thoughtful amalgamation of traditional Greek elements and sleek contemporary design, sets the stage for the culinary adventure that awaits. Time-honoured Greek artefacts and modern art coexist in a space where every corner whispers stories of the old and new, offering a visual feast that complements the culinary journey ahead. The menu, a vibrant mosaic of flavours and textures, presents a version of Greece that transcends time and place. Classic dishes, revered for generations, are reimagined with a fresh, modern twist, promising a dining experience that honours tradition while embracing innovation. From tender meats and fresh seafood to vibrant vegetables and aromatic herbs, every ingredient is a testament to the bountiful produce of the Hellenic land and seas, carefully selected to ensure unparalleled quality and flavour.

LIONDI Traditional Greek Restaurant

$$ Makrigianni 19-21, 117 42, Athens
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining
Nestled in the vibrant heart of Athens, Liondi Traditional Greek Restaurant is a sanctuary where the soulful melodies of Greek culture and culinary artistry blend seamlessly, creating an environment where every visitor is invited to embark on a rich gastronomic journey through Greece's timeless flavours and traditions. At Liondi, we fervently believe that Greek cuisine is a symphony where each ingredient plays a vital note, culminating in a harmonious blend that dances gracefully on the palate. Guided by this philosophy, our chefs meticulously craft dishes that echo the warmth of Greek hospitality, ensuring that each bite tells a story of the rich culinary heritage that our land celebrates. Enter into an ambience where the rustic charm of traditional Greek décor meets a modern, elegant aesthetic, creating a welcoming space that feels both familiar and excitingly new. Our walls, adorned with intricate tapestries and historical artefacts, weave a tale of Greece’s splendid past. At the same time, the gentle melodies of classic Hellenic tunes whisper in the background, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of our homeland. Our menu, a carefully curated selection of classic Greek dishes, is a loving homage to the diverse, vibrant flavours that have made Hellenic cuisine celebrated worldwide. From the rich, savoury depths of our Moussaka to our Greek salads' light, refreshing notes, each dish is a melody of flavours, meticulously crafted to provide an authentic and uniquely Liondi dining experience.

KARMINIO - All Day Eatery

$$ Veikou 86, 117 41, Athens
Greek European Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style
Welcome to Karminio, an all-day eatery gracefully poised in the historic and vibrant heart of Athens, where the rich tapestry of Greek culinary traditions unfolds in a contemporary, cosy embrace, inviting you to indulge in exquisite dining from dawn until dusk. Embark on a gastronomic adventure where the timeless recipes of Hellenic cuisine are animated with a modern, inventive flair. At Karminio, each dish, thoughtfully crafted with the freshest local ingredients, seeks to take you on a journey through Greece's sun-drenched landscapes and aromatic groves, celebrating our beloved land's robust flavours and vibrant colours. Morning beams of Athenian sunlight filter through the windows, illuminating a space where classic elegance and modern aesthetics intertwine. Begin your day with our sumptuous breakfast offerings, where traditional Greek pastries, fresh fruits, and refreshing coffees promise a blissful awakening of the senses. As the day unfolds, explore an extensive menu that seamlessly traverses through the diverse realms of Greek cuisine. From light, refreshing salads and hearty, flavorful mains to decadent desserts, every bite promises to be a vibrant mélange of classic and contemporary, embodying Greece's soulful and diverse flavours. Our warm, convivial atmosphere is not merely a setting but an integral part of the experience at Karminio. With walls adorned with art that mirrors Athens's historic and modern faces and a serene yet lively ambience, Karminio stands as a meeting point where culture, history, and culinary arts dance in a harmonious ballet.

OROSCOPO Restaurant

$$$ Antinoros 42-44, 161 21, Athens
Italian Greek Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Bask in the warm embrace of traditional Greek hospitality at OROSCOPO Restaurant, a culinary jewel nestled in the vibrant canvas of Athens, where every dish is a celestial journey through the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine, meticulously crafted and plated with a modern twist. Situated in the throbbing heart of a city steeped in myths, tales, and ancient glory, OROSCOPO doesn’t merely offer a meal but presents a poetic narrative, where each ingredient tells a story of lush Grecian fields, bountiful orchards, and the vast, mystical azure of the Aegean Sea. Our establishment, named after the 'Horoscope,' serves not only as a nod to celestial navigation but as a metaphor for the heavenly flavours and experiences that await. As you step into OROSCOPO, the modern yet warmly inviting ambience immediately contrasts the historical splendour that envelops the streets of Athens. The interior, bathed in subtle, elegant hues, creates a serene backdrop where our dishes' vibrant colours and textures become the stars of the evening, illuminated under a gentle, celestial glow. The menu, curated and crafted by our seasoned chefs, celebrates Greece's authentic flavours and cherished culinary traditions, revitalized with innovative techniques and global accents. Every dish seeks to elevate familiar Greek flavours to new, exquisite heights, from our signature salads' fresh, tangy notes to the rich, savoury depth of our grilled specialities.

Makris Athens Fine Dining Restaurant

$$$$ Astiggos 10, Ermou 119, 105 55, Athens
Greek Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Welcome to Makris Athens Fine Dining - a sanctuary where each dish is a curated expression of gastronomic artistry, and every moment spent is an immersion into the luxurious essence of Athenian dining culture. Nestled in the heart of Athens, a city pulsating with history and vibrant life, Makris stands as a beacon of exquisite dining, intertwining the ethereal charm of Greek heritage with an unyielding passion for culinarian exploration. Our establishment is not merely a restaurant but a destination where the rich tapestry of Greek culinary traditions gracefully dances with contemporary, international inflexions, creating a symphony of flavours that traverse time and geography. Our guests are invited to embark on a culinary voyage where every plate is meticulously composed of the finest, locally sourced ingredients, crafted with precision by our world-class chefs. At Makris, Greece's flavours are celebrated and elevated through innovative techniques and global influences, offering a palette that is both familiar and enigmatically enchanting. The aesthetic charm of Makris is undeniably captivating, offering an ambience where the classical elegance of Athens is rendered through a lens of modern sophistication. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be enveloped by an atmosphere that whispers of luxury and comfort, where the timeless charm of the ancient city is celebrated in every delicate detail and curated space.

Seawolf Athens Restaurant

$$ Dimitrakopoulou 35, 117 42, Athens
Greek Casual Dining
Embark on an enthralling gastronomic adventure at Seawolf, where the essence of the Aegean Sea converges with the vibrant spirit of Athens. Nestled in the city’s lively centre, our restaurant invites you to delve into a world where exquisite seafood meets Athenian elegance; all enveloped in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. All the expert chefs, utilizing their intricate knowledge of seafood and craft dishes that mirror the rich biodiversity and savoury treasures hidden beneath the sea's waves. From the tender embrace of our succulent octopus to the refined complexity of our lobster dishes, each plate celebrates Greece’s maritime heritage.


$$ Iraklidon 3, 118 51, Athens
Greek Mediterranean Premium Casual
Embark on a multifaceted culinary journey with Abibayio, a haven where the quintessence of Greek hospitality beautifully intertwines with global gastronomic adventures in the vibrant city of Athens. Abibayio symbolizes a melting pot of flavours, where the spirit of diverse cultures amalgamates under Greece's warm, radiant skies, offering an unparalleled dining escapade that transcends borders and time. Situated amidst the scintillating life of Athens, Abibayio invites diners to delve into a world where authentic Greek flavours dance harmoniously with international culinary arts, creating a menu that is both comfortingly familiar and exhilaratingly exotic. Here, you will discover a realm where every dish is an exploration, and each bite tells a tale of distant lands while maintaining a soulful connection to the rich Greek terroir. Gastronomes will be entranced by the meticulous care and creativity infused into each plate as our seasoned chefs weave together a tapestry that honours the legacy of traditional Hellenic cuisine while graciously embracing bold, international twists. Using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients promises a feast and sustenance of quality, freshness, and a genuine love for culinary arts. Visually, Abibayio is an epitome of graceful aestheticism where antiquity and modernity merge to produce an elegant and welcoming ambience. Whether you dine amidst the soothing interiors, where contemporary elegance meets rustic charm, or prefer to revel under the Athenian sky in our al fresco setting, your experience will be in a friendly and refined atmosphere.

Psyche Wine Bar

$$ Kornarou 4, 105 63, Athens
Greek Casual Dining
Psyche Wine Bar was born in the Kornarou entrance, behind the bustling Ermou, to offer an oasis of calm and greenery to those looking for a place for their after-office drinks but also for those who want to find a meeting point for long discussions. The wine list, which is also the main protagonist, has been curated by sommelier Lambros Siafakas and includes labels from both domestic and international vineyards.


$$ Adrianoy 7, 105 55, Athens
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Nestled amidst the dynamic rhythm of Athens, Mystilli invites patrons on a transformative journey where timeless Grecian gastronomy intertwines with the vibrant threads of contemporary culinary artistry. Here, every plate is a canvas, and every dish has a rich palette of flavours, passionately composed to enchant the discerning palate. iMystilli emerges as a culinary sanctuary that respects Athenian traditions while gracefully waltzing with modern innovation in a city where the present converses eloquently with the past. Here, age-old recipes are reverently acknowledged yet daringly reimagined, presenting a menu that narrates Greece's rich culinary story through a fresh, contemporary lens. Our chefs, artisans of flavour, thoughtfully harness the bounty of the fertile Greek lands, bringing a symphony of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and sea-fresh delicacies to your plate. At Mystilli, every bite whispers tales of the azure Aegean Sea, the lush Peloponnesian fields, and the vibrant Athenian spirit, ensuring a dining experience deeply rooted in Grecian soils yet ambitiously global in its appeal. Mystilli is not merely a restaurant; it's an immersive experience. The atmosphere within its walls is a deliberate and beautiful contradiction - where rustic meets refined, and tradition greets modernity. Wooden beams and classic Greek décor converse with sleek, contemporary lines, offering a warmly familiar yet excitingly novel space.

Aleria Restaurant

$$$$ Meg. Alexandrou 57, 104 35, Athens
Greek European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Aleria opened its doors in 2006 in the Metaxourgeio neighbourhood, in the heart of Athens. Owner Nikiforos Kechagiadakis discovered this neoclassical gem of the 19th century and immediately felt that this was the ideal place to house Aleria. In this place, the comforting feeling of home would meet a sophisticated, pleasing dining atmosphere where guests would relax and enjoy a unique gastronomical experience. The name «Aleria» was inspired by Corsica’s city «Aleria», founded in 563 BC by Phocaeans, who were ancient Greeks living in Ionia on the Aegean Coast of western Anatolia. To this day, the city of Aleria holds a tight connection with Greece through its gastronomy and culture. Aleria Restaurant features three dining areas and a beautiful patio that operates during summer. The unique interior decoration, where modern decorative elements counterpoint timeless fitness, is curated by Sofia Kechagiadaki (Liasso). Head Chef Gikas Xenakis, a fierce advocate of Modern Greek Cuisine, along with his team of talented cooks, creates dishes that give prominence to our rich gastronomical culture through a contemporary, creative and profoundly delicious approach that stimulates the palette as well as the mind. Through the past 14 years, Aleria has gained many prestigious culinary awards, and it remains dedicated to our philosophy: to passionately serve and evolve Modern Greek Cuisine while offering an unforgettable fine dining experience.

360 Cocktail Bar

$$ Ifestou 2, 10555, Athens
International Premium Casual
Looking for a unique experience with friends under the holy rock of the Acropolis? Live the 360 experience. 3 stages 60 cocktails. Right on Monastiraki Sq, features a roof bar and restaurant with panoramic views of the city and the Acropolis, in Athens.

Omorphi Polis

$$ Kinetou 4, 105 55, Athens
Greek Casual Dining
Introducing Omorphi Polis, your new retreat in the vibrant epicentre of Athens, where the city's pulse harmoniously intertwines with a serene sanctuary. Situated mere meters from Monastiraki Square, this inviting haven offers an escape where ancient and modern cultures effortlessly blend. In the embrace of Omorphi Polis, discover an environment that offers tranquillity and vitality amidst the bustling city. Every detail, from the architecture to the ambience, is meticulously crafted to provide a space that respects Athens' rich history while celebrating its contemporary spirit. At Omorphi Polis, you’re not just observing Athens but immersing yourself in a rich, dynamic story where timeless tradition and modern elegance coexist. This is where your Athenian adventure elevates into an experience that lingers in your memories long after your visit.

Traditional Food Diodos

$ Adrianoy 19, 105 55, Athens
Greek Family Style
In the heart of Athens, under the shade of the Parthenon and right in front of the entrance of Ancient Agora in picturesque Andrianou Street, lies the traditional restaurant Diodos. At DIODOS, they strive to create a unique and memorable dining experience for all customers. The menu contains delicious dishes, ranging from our signature Greek-inspired cuisine to more traditional favourites. The chefs use the freshest ingredients to craft their recipes, and a welcoming atmosphere makes DIODOS the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Couleur Locale

$$ Normanou 3, 10555, Athens
European Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Cocktail Bar
Welcome to Couleur Locale-View Bar, a hidden gem in the effervescent heart of Athens, Greece, where contemporary cool meets classic Greek hospitality, set against a panoramic backdrop of the city's most enchanting sights. Tucked away just steps from the pulsating life of Monastiraki, this rooftop oasis invites locals and travellers alike to bask in the city's authentic spirit, elevated both in location and experience. Upon entering Couleur Locale, guests are immediately embraced by an atmosphere that harmoniously intertwines the modern with the traditional. The aesthetic is a nod to classic Athenian charm, yet it pulses with a vibrant, modern energy that caters to the eclectic tastes of its patrons. The actual crown jewel of Couleur Locale is undeniably its rooftop view bar, where one can sip on meticulously crafted cocktails while absorbing unrivalled views of the Acropolis and the sprawling urban tapestry below. By day, soak in the warm Greek sun, with the iconic Parthenon as your companion, and by night, allow the illuminated cityscape to play the perfect backdrop to your elevated evening experience. Here, mixologists weave their magic, creating cocktails that encapsulate the zest of Athens itself - a melange of local spirits, fresh ingredients, and innovative techniques that yield creations as mesmerizing as the views. But it's not just the drinks curated to perfection; the bar also boasts a menu that teases the palate with Greek and Mediterranean-inspired bites, providing a culinary journey that complements the visual feast before you.

A For Athens Cocktail Bar

$$ 2-4, Miaouli Str., , Athens
International Cocktail Bar
At night, A For Athens Cocktail Bar suggests you end your day most magically as we introduce you to the hotel’s bartenders-mixologists. All the experienced staff knows the ideal way of bringing you into the field of alcohol and cocktails. Their cocktail-making leads to gastronomic dimensions, making you taste harmonious combinations of ingredients you would never have considered. Enjoy your drink!

MS Roof Garden

$$ Athinas 1 &, Ermou, 10554, Athens
International Cocktail Bar
Located in the heart of Athens, MS Roof Garden invites you to an unparalleled dining experience, immersing your senses in a tapestry of flavours, scents, and breathtaking sights. Occupying a prime rooftop space, this hidden gem unveils a striking panorama of the iconic Acropolis and the majestic Parthenon, serving not just meals, but memories, beneath the enchanting Grecian sky. Upon your ascent to MS Roof Garden, anticipate a warm embrace by a soft breeze and an instant connection with Athens’ rich history as the ancient marvels unfold before your eyes. The meticulously arranged seating ensures that every guest is graced with an unobstructed view, transforming every moment into a personal rendezvous with the city’s venerable past. Our culinary philosophy intertwines authentic Greek gastronomy with contemporary culinary techniques, curating a menu that respects tradition and embraces innovation. The locally sourced ingredients speak the language of the seasons, providing a fresh and flavorful foundation for every dish.

Thea Terrace

$$ Apollonos 21, 10557, Athens
Mediterranean Casual Dining
Thea Terrace on the rooftop of Central Athens Hotel offers a magnificent view “only a breath away” to the Acropolis and the picturesque city centre. Indulge in this unforgettable experience and travel through time by combining the traditional with the holy, history with evolution, and trust the discrete service of our experienced personnel. Based on the Mediterranean culinary tradition and the application of modern cuisine techniques, the menu is made of premium fresh raw materials and inexhaustible inspiration.

Mira Me Athens

$$ Ermou 118, 10554, Athens
Mediterranean Premium Casual
Among the great assets of Mira Me Athens are its two restaurants, thanks to the philosophy of their cuisine and their charismatic position in direct “interaction” with the neighbourhood. The rooftop is one of the most beautiful terraces in this city. And it is not only the unobstructed, within-reach view of the Acropolis, the Agora and other monuments but also the images of Athens as it is. The menu focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with some Asian influences. Wines from selected Greek producers complement the list, while creative cocktails are served at the bar.
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