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$$ Laganas Beach, 29092, Laganas
Greek European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Seaside in Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece, is an idyllic beachfront restaurant that epitomizes the serene beauty of the Ionian Sea. This exquisite dining establishment boasts a prime location right on the sandy shores of Laganas Beach, offering breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters and the picturesque horizon. The restaurant's design is a harmonious blend of modern elegance and traditional Greek elements, creating a chic and relaxing ambience. As you step into SeaSide, you're greeted by an open, airy space with a soothing colour palette that mirrors the sand and sea. The outdoor seating area is a highlight, featuring stylish and comfortable furniture where guests can dine just steps away from the gentle waves. By night, the area is transformed with soft, glowing lights that create a magical atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the warm Greek evenings. The interior of SeaSide is equally impressive, with a contemporary design that maintains a touch of Greek charm. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, providing diners with uninterrupted sea views. The decor is minimalist yet inviting, with subtle nautical accents that remind you of the restaurant's stunning beachside location.

Panos Greek Restaurant

$$ Laganas Road, 29100, Laganas
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
Panos Greek Restaurant in Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece, is a delightful dining destination that captures the essence of traditional Greek hospitality and cuisine. Located in the vibrant heart of Laganas, this family-owned restaurant is known for its authentic Greek dishes and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant's exterior features classic Greek architecture, with white-washed walls and touches of Mediterranean blue, making it a picturesque spot in the bustling town. Upon entering Panos, guests are greeted by a cosy and inviting ambience. The interior is adorned with rustic decor, including wooden furniture and traditional Greek ornaments, creating a homely and authentic feel. The walls are decorated with local artwork and photographs, showcasing the rich history and culture of Zakynthos. The outdoor seating area of Panos Greek Restaurant is a charming space, perfect for enjoying a meal under the Grecian sky. Surrounded by beautifully maintained plants and flowers, it offers a tranquil retreat from the lively streets of Laganas. Here, diners can enjoy the warm Mediterranean breeze while indulging in their meal.

Sanpiero Restaurant Bar

$$ Laganas Beach, 29092, Laganas
Greek Premium Casual
Sanpiero Restaurant Bar in Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece, is a vibrant and stylish dining destination that perfectly captures the lively spirit of this popular tourist hotspot. Located in the bustling heart of Laganas, Sanpiero stands out with its contemporary design and an exciting fusion of international and Greek culinary influences, making it a favourite among locals and visitors seeking a unique dining experience. The exterior of Sanpiero Restaurant Bar is modern and chic, with sleek lines and an inviting ambience. It features an impressive facade that blends elements of traditional Greek architecture with a modern aesthetic. The outdoor seating area is particularly appealing, offering a comfortable and stylish setting where guests can soak in the lively atmosphere of Laganas. At night, the area comes alive with ambient lighting, creating a sophisticated and enchanting environment. Inside, the restaurant bar boasts a trendy and upscale interior. The decor is a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort, featuring contemporary furnishings, artistic lighting fixtures, and a colour palette that exudes warmth and sophistication. The space is thoughtfully arranged to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal or a drink with friends.


$$ Laganas Beach, 29092, Laganas
Greek International Mediterranean Casual Dining
Tásos in Laganas, Zakynthos, Greece, is a charming and authentic Greek restaurant that honestly tastes local culinary traditions. Located in the lively and vibrant town of Laganas, Tásos stands out as a beacon of traditional Greek hospitality and gastronomy, making it a beloved spot for both locals and visitors who seek an authentic dining experience on the island. The exterior of Tásos is quintessentially Greek, featuring a classic Mediterranean aesthetic with whitewashed walls and azure blue accents that beautifully reflect the island's colour palette. The restaurant's facade is inviting, with a rustic charm that beckons diners into a world of Greek culinary delights. The outdoor seating area is especially appealing, providing a perfect setting for al fresco dining under the Zakynthian sun or stars. Surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with colourful flowers, it offers a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere. Inside, Tásos presents a warm and cosy ambience, capturing the essence of a traditional Greek taverna. The interior is adorned with wooden furnishings and local decor, creating a homey and inviting environment. The walls are decorated with items that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Greece, such as folk art, ceramics, and photographs of Zakynthos, adding to the restaurant's authentic charm.
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