Best Restaurants in Perissa


$$ Beach, 84700, Perissa
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining
"Ntomatini, located in the vibrant coastal village of Perissa in Santorini, Greece, is a culinary haven that captures the essence of traditional Greek cuisine with a delightful contemporary twist. This charming restaurant is renowned for its authentic approach to Greek gastronomy, offering a taste of the local culture and flavours. Nestled in the heart of Perissa, Ntomatini boasts a quaint and inviting atmosphere, reflecting the laid-back lifestyle of the Greek islands. The restaurant's design blends rustic Greek charm and modern simplicity, featuring the iconic white and blue colour scheme synonymous with Santorini. The interior is cosy and welcoming, with wooden furnishings and decorative elements that pay homage to Greek heritage and craftsmanship. The outdoor seating area of Ntomatini is a highlight, offering a casual and relaxed dining environment under the Mediterranean sun. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Perissa, guests can enjoy their meals amidst the gentle sea breeze and the warm island ambience.
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