Best Restaurants in Livathou


$$ Seaside, Trapezaki, 28100, Livathou
Greek Mediterranean Ethnic Premium Casual
Denis, located in the charming region of Livathou on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece, is a delightful restaurant that epitomizes the best Greek culinary traditions. Famed for its authentic Greek cuisine, warm hospitality, and picturesque setting, Denis offers a dining experience that captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The decor of Denis is a harmonious blend of traditional Greek charm and contemporary comfort. The interior is welcoming and homely, featuring elements of Greek design, such as whitewashed walls, rustic furnishings, and blue accents reminiscent of the Aegean Sea. The ambience is casual yet inviting, creating a perfect, relaxed, enjoyable meal setting. One of the most enchanting features of Denis is its outdoor seating area, which allows diners to enjoy their meal amidst the natural beauty of Livathou. Surrounded by lush greenery and with views of the stunning Kefalonian landscape, the terrace provides a serene and idyllic dining environment. It's an ideal spot for savouring the flavours of Greece while basking in the Mediterranean sun or dining under the stars.
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