Best Restaurants in Platanos


$$ Καβούσι, 73400, Platanos
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining
Spilios, situated in the charming village of Platanos on the island of Greece, is a captivating restaurant renowned for its delectable Greek cuisine and enchanting atmosphere. This quaint eatery, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of the Greek countryside, offers a culinary journey that blends traditional Greek flavours with the warmth of rustic hospitality. The decor of Spilios is a delightful marriage of rustic charm and conventional Greek aesthetics. The interior exudes a cosy and inviting ambience, featuring elements of a classic Greek taverna. Whitewashed walls adorned with local art, wooden beam ceilings, and stone accents create an authentic and homely space. The furnishings are simple yet comfortable, offering guests a relaxed environment to savour their meals. One of Spilios's most appealing features is its charming outdoor terrace, which provides a serene setting for al fresco dining. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the beautiful natural scenery of Platanos, the terrace is an ideal spot for enjoying a meal in the tranquil beauty of the Greek countryside. The outdoor area becomes especially magical in the evening, offering a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner under the stars.
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