Best Restaurants in Charaki

Argo Seafood Restaurant

$$$ Haraki Beach, 85102, Charaki
Greek Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual
Argo Seafood Restaurant, located in the serene and picturesque fishing village of Charaki on the island of Rhodes, Greece, is a renowned dining establishment celebrated for its exceptional seafood and stunning seaside setting. Nestled right by the water's edge, Argo offers a dining experience that epitomizes the beauty and flavours of the Aegean Sea. The decor of Argo Seafood Restaurant is a delightful blend of traditional Greek charm and contemporary coastal style. The interior is inviting and relaxed, featuring classic Mediterranean elements such as white-washed walls, blue accents, and rustic wooden furniture. The restaurant's design, with its open and airy space, enhances the natural beauty of its seaside location, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and laid-back. Argo's outdoor seating area is a highlight, offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea's sparkling waters and the Rhodes coastline's rugged beauty. The terrace, situated right on the beach, allows diners to enjoy their meals with the gentle sound of the waves in the background. Under the starry Greek sky, it's an idyllic setting for a romantic dinner, a leisurely lunch, or a memorable evening with family and friends.
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