MS Roof Garden

About Us

Located in the heart of Athens, MS Roof Garden invites you to an unparalleled dining experience, immersing your senses in a tapestry of flavours, scents, and breathtaking sights. Occupying a prime rooftop space, this hidden gem unveils a striking panorama of the iconic Acropolis and the majestic Parthenon, serving not just meals, but memories, beneath the enchanting Grecian sky.

Upon your ascent to MS Roof Garden, anticipate a warm embrace by a soft breeze and an instant connection with Athens’ rich history as the ancient marvels unfold before your eyes. The meticulously arranged seating ensures that every guest is graced with an unobstructed view, transforming every moment into a personal rendezvous with the city’s venerable past.

Our culinary philosophy intertwines authentic Greek gastronomy with contemporary culinary techniques, curating a menu that respects tradition and embraces innovation. The locally sourced ingredients speak the language of the seasons, providing a fresh and flavorful foundation for every dish.
Cuisines International
Restaurant Type Cocktail Bar
Services Terrace, Rooftop, Outdoor Seating, Panoramic View
Payment Options Cash, Visa, American Express, Mastercard

Map & Contacts

Address Athinas 1 &, Ermou
Athens, 10554
Telephone (+30) 2103315190