About Us

Embark on a multifaceted culinary journey with Abibayio, a haven where the quintessence of Greek hospitality beautifully intertwines with global gastronomic adventures in the vibrant city of Athens. Abibayio symbolizes a melting pot of flavours, where the spirit of diverse cultures amalgamates under Greece's warm, radiant skies, offering an unparalleled dining escapade that transcends borders and time. Situated amidst the scintillating life of Athens, Abibayio invites diners to delve into a world where authentic Greek flavours dance harmoniously with international culinary arts, creating a menu that is both comfortingly familiar and exhilaratingly exotic. Here, you will discover a realm where every dish is an exploration, and each bite tells a tale of distant lands while maintaining a soulful connection to the rich Greek terroir. Gastronomes will be entranced by the meticulous care and creativity infused into each plate as our seasoned chefs weave together a tapestry that honours the legacy of traditional Hellenic cuisine while graciously embracing bold, international twists. Using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients promises a feast and sustenance of quality, freshness, and a genuine love for culinary arts. Visually, Abibayio is an epitome of graceful aestheticism where antiquity and modernity merge to produce an elegant and welcoming ambience. Whether you dine amidst the soothing interiors, where contemporary elegance meets rustic charm, or prefer to revel under the Athenian sky in our al fresco setting, your experience will be in a friendly and refined atmosphere.
Cuisines Greek, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Premium Casual
Cuisine Styles Fusion cuisine, Gluten Free, Seafood
Services Smoking Area, Takeaway, Outdoor Seating
Payment Options Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Map & Contacts

Address Iraklidon 3
Athens, 118 51
Telephone (+30) 2103426794